10 Important Tips To Brand A Business


Always Think Big

10-tips-to-brand-a-business[bctt tweet=”Firstly, in the 10 important tips to brand a business is Vision; the vision of every business defines its goals and objectives and in the long run determine its successes, therefore think big! ” username=”CorpStartersLtd”]You need to have ideas of what you want your business to represent or symbolize. Never forget that your business must appeal emotionally and have something it represents that gives it uniqueness.

Choose a Strong Startup Name

Secondly, in the 10 important tips to brand a business is choosing a strong business name. The importance of a concise and catchy suitable & brandable business name can never be over-emphasized. Never underestimate the power of a business name to attract customers and investors. A well-thought-out name puts you ahead of the competition.

It has to be concise and catchy. Avoid over-complicated words, nonsensical spelling, and weird capitalization.

People must be able to remember the name and how to spell it.

Learn from Your Competitors

You can learn a lot about your industry if you examine your competitors’ brands.

What are the common denominators and differences? How do they market their business? How do they communicate with customers?

The goal isn’t to copy what they do. Look into WHY they do what they do.

It’s just as important to learn what doesn’t work for them, and how you can do it better.

Know Your Target Market

Many startups miss it at this point, by trying to be everywhere without a clear perception of who will need their products or services. [bctt tweet=”You must answer the question “who am I trying to reach?” Once this is determined focus all your apparatus towards the identified market. Do a survey with your target market, try to understand what they want and identify ways to improve your products or services.” username=”CorpStartersLtd”]


10-tips-to-brand-a-business-successfully-in-nigeria-2019[bctt tweet=”What do you want the world to think of your business? First impression counts, make sure you get it right. There will be no other opportunity to create a high image of your business. ” username=”CorpStartersLtd”]It doesn’t matter whether you are working from your garage or with slippers, the question is how do you want to be seen? As a big corporation with structure and expertise or as a novice with poor quality.

First impression counts, make sure you get it right. There will be no other opportunity to create a high image of your business.


Never make the mistake of relying on perception without a corresponding quality product or service. Branding can only bring more customers but its quality service and products that will keep them. No business can grow without repeat purchases. You must learn the skill of meeting and exceeding your customer expectations by creating magical moments, not murderous moments.

Put Your Brand in a Context and a Story

Making a great product isn’t enough to inspire sales or workers. There must be something to grab attention.

This is why you create context, write the story of your business and the problems it solves. Use this to raise awareness.

A good story will get people talking about your brand. It’s more than a product or service, it’s almost a movement. An identity.

Develop a Responsive and Powerful Website

In today’s world, your site might be the first interface with your potential customers, you better make sure it is working. It must be efficient, catchy and able to provide the customers with everything they want including making purchases or orders.

Get a Powerful Brand Image

You may have to review your business name, logo, colors, seal, etc. Ensure it is trendy, appealing and captivating. Some startups’ brand kits are designed so poorly that customers will not want to identify with the product or service. Take Coca-Cola for example, they have been able to get into our head with their powerful brand image, kits, and message.

Harness the Power of Social Media

10-tips-to-brand-a-business-successfully-in-nigeria-2019One need not emphasize this. Current data shows that there are over 2 billion people on Facebook alone and from projections many more people are getting on the media. Nowadays people get to know about products and services on social media, book appointments, make orders and the likes. To be out of social media is to struggle. Facebook and other platforms have business platforms that can be used to connect with and provide solutions to your customers.

Don’t Hesitate To Get Professional Help

It’s ok if you can’t do all the brand development work yourself. It takes research, marketing skills, graphic design, copywriting, and much more. And it takes a lot of time.

Solutions include outsourcing and hiring in-house marketing staff.

It’s also a good idea, in the long run, to invest in media training. It’s better if you and your staff are trained before you need it than finding yourself needing it when you don’t have it.

You still hold the reins, but you also have access to experts and resources that help secure your brand quality.

In Conclusion

Whether you are starting a small venture, want to grow an existing one or launch a big company, you should always have Scalability in your thoughts. Roman philosopher Seneca once said, “Luck is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”.

Most importantly, we do hope you have benefited from this article, we have provided the Expert Guide You Need to Brand Your Business Successfully.

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